Project personnel structure and main responsibilities

The following personnel structure would be capable of operating the Mine Clearing Vehicles, MCV, to achieve the output described in operational output, assuming proper manual demining support for verification and follow up.

Flail Operator/Mechanical Supervisor International staff (1)
• Act as the Supervisor for the Mechanical flail team, Operators and Mechanics,
• Complete and submit reports and returns to the MAC,
• Produce a full training plan for all national project staff and withdrawal plan for all international project staff,
• Act as one of the MCV operators,
• Complete and submit reports and returns to HQ.

Flail Operator National staff (2)
• Act as MCV operator.

Assistant Mechanic/Logistic Support National staff (1)
• Act as Mechanic for the Mechanical flail team concerning all mechanical issues,
• Carry out maintenance and repairs as required,
• Able to operate the MCV.

Logistic Support National staff (1)
• Support the team with logistics for fuel, spares etc.